Spoken Word: “Time, thoughts and love” by Ken Mills

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I got frightened today,

My watch stopped working, so,  I reckoned time stood still in my mind

I thought to myself: ‘What if I could controlled time?

What if I played God with day and night?

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Spoken word: “Dear Cupid”

baby-cupid-angel-wings-17792261Please get rid of your bow…

You know if you were human I would sue you for every penny you own…

Don’t take this the wrong way…

I just don’t like you…

You are portrayed as a child!

So that makes hitting you a bit more morally off balance…

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The Good in People

I watched her that afternoon. Her hair braided into cornrows with blue and black extensions falling over her shoulders lengthening her face. Her smile wide with a consciousness of one being beautiful; she smiled at me but I didn’t smile back. I took my face away from her and stared at something distant, something with the form of a bird and as it moved I followed with my gaze and wondered too how it was that people changed so much.


The church walls had an earth tone so it blended with our skins, with Chika’s blending more. The girl who would never talk to anyone or lift her voice as high as it now was did everything—almost everything she said she would never do, becoming part of friendships that seemed to consume her sense of rightness.

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3rd Prize NHEF Essay 2016: “The Educated Differ from the Uneducated as much as the Living from the Dead” by Abang Oyintare Jennifer


“The Educated differ from the Uneducated as much as the Living from the Dead”- Aristotle

Aristotle understood the clear and qualitative difference education— the concept we call the granting and reception of knowledge—could give a man’s life. In my opinion, education is a distinguishing light to the path of life granting illumination as one journeys through. This view was reaffirmed by the Irish writer, William Butler Yeats, in a commentary where he stated “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” I will argue that even if not formally given, it is, nearly always, a consequential factor in determining the ability of a man to live full, in both social and economic classes.

Nevertheless, I will admit that there are few objections to this stance as the very concept of education is not a central one. Is education valid only within the walls of an accredited institution? What is formal and informal education in these days where there is no clear dichotomy in the method of gaining knowledge? However, these do not mean we should reject the premise, as I will show in subsequent lines that education without regard to the method— the presence or the absence of it—has more serious implications than we agree to acknowledge.

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