Conversations: On Friendship

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The soft whirling sound coming from the standing fan just by the bed roused Owei from sleep. It took a few seconds to realize that power had been restored after a three-day break-in-transmission which had been survived thanks to a small generating set. Looking up at the wall clock with a dawning sense of realization, he saw that it was a few minutes past 10pm. He had promised Amara a call by 9pm and he was late, yet again. Continue reading “Conversations: On Friendship”


Conversations: On Ije-ebi and 2016


The kitchen was illuminated by the bright sunlight splashing the walls in golden spectral glory. Miebi sat at the entrance, talking about what he wanted his writing to be about. Idara, dressed in a large blue boubou, listened on, punctuating her dishwashing with smiles and thoughtful uh-uhm’s.
He said, ‘Idara, I like what you write, but Miebi is something else’

“I wish I’d find someone to work with”, he said. Idara chuckled as he talked about his friend, Vose, who had encouraged him to write more.
“Why don’t we do it together?” Idara asked.
The air closed in with the knowledge of the possibility. He smiled and said, “Really?”

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