Why Ije-Ebi?

                                Our humour. Our dialogue. Our style.

Idara: I loved to write, you know, putting words together to make something sensible. But, there was something missing, something that would ensure consistency. My muse was picky, too picky.

Ije 2
“I loved to write”, Idara says.

Miebi: I loved to write but I never could bring myself to commit to it. I had lots of other things filling up time, thus, I let writing go. At the turn of the year, I met a new friend who loved reading and writing just as much as I did and encouraged me to take up writing again. In the following months, writing has once more found its place with me and this blog is, for me, a culmination of that evolution.

Idara: So, to answer the question “why Ije-ebi?”, I’d say, formed from two languages, Igbo and Ijaw, it can be said to mean, ‘Good Journey‘ and a good journey, in the African scheme of things, is one that has stories. Many stories, in fact.

Ije-Ebi: A journey of life lessons

Miebi: The emphasis on “journey” is highly symbolic for us both. This year has been one of immense change in our lives. And through it all, we’ve both grown to appreciate that the journey is just as important as the destination. The experiences we have accumulated during the course of the year, as well as the previous years, have all been vital to our development, as writers, as individuals and as contributing members of the larger society.

Idara: So, we welcome you to a journey of meditations, silent reflections, laughter, smiles, black, white and the many shades of grey, in between.

Miebi: Welcome aboard. We hope you enjoy the journey just as much as we do.

Idara: Oh surely they will, Miebi. Ready for the ride, partner?

Miebi: You betcha, partner.

“You betcha, partner”, Miebi says.

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