Jewel Ike-Obioha: “Being alive inspires me.”

IMG-20151220-WA0001It is near impossible to ignore the presence of Jewel Ike-Obioha in any gathering. Tall and dark, with a smile never far away, Jewel exudes a calm assurance birthed in the full knowledge of her worth. Whether she finds herself debating alongside the best young minds in Africa, in Legon or Calabar, or chairing a Model United Nations (MUN) Summit in Abuja or Port Harcourt, Jewel confronts challenges head on, in the firm belief that positive change in our society is possible, if we all work together.

This student, child-rights advocate, model, accomplished debater, aspiring diplomat and all-round amazon shares her thoughts on life, country and the causes she cares about.

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Egiemeh Ugiomoh: “Start writing your own story”

IMG-20160225-WA00012There is one thing that resonates in the minds of people that know this young dynamo: Basketball! But he is much more than that. Egiemeh Ugiomoh, or Egie, as he is fondly called, is the quintessential “cool guy”. Standing at about 6 ft. 3”, Egiemeh is the handsome-cool-guy that you would really want to know.

He is the Founder of Early Starters, a non-governmental organization geared at training youngsters in the art and act of Basketball.

This creator, sport entrepreneur, chemical engineer and sportsman shares his motivations, interests and the several lines in between nested by lessons with Ije-ebi.

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Minka Cornelia Ndifon: “God caught me first!”

Minka1 (3)Walking into a room and seeing Minka, you would probably be catching her upon a conversation centered about positivity or God. Her listening—a very rare gift— and the balance of punctuating with words that linger in the ears of her listener are other things that distinguish this young woman.

Minka is much more than “someone who speaks lovely things”, she’s a doer—a 500-level medical student at the University of Lagos, a youth pastor, debater, classic traveler and lover of life. With this woman, youth has never been fuller.

This resident of Calabar talks about her life, where everything intersects, the collection of the lessons learned in the process of living such a full life as well as females in science.

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Wilson Obeneme: “Family is my strength”

The history of the Department of Mechanical engineering, and indeed the Faculty of Engineering, of the University of Port-Harcourt can never again be written without the inclusion of one name: Wilson Obeneme.image

Like a hurricane, Wilson has obliterated all records of academic achievement on his way to graduating as arguably the best student in the history of the Faculty, establishing previously unseen levels of sustained excellence. Wizzy, as he is known to friends, is the atypical top student, assuming active roles in church as well as engaging in a healthy variety of social events with family and friends alike. His humility and quiet but unapologetic confidence always stand him out of any crowd. To Wizzy, only the best is acceptable.

This Colossus shares his story with Ije-ebi in the firm hope that other students, and youth in general, would be inspired to seek to leave indelible footprints in the sands of time.

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Uzodufa Ebere: “Everything is possible”

If wealth were based solely on the possession of a good heart and interest in the good of the collective, Ebere Valentine Uzodufa would already be ranked amongst the wealthiest men in the world.

As one of the key persons driving a technological shift in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Port Harcourt, Ebere shares his motivations, dreams and goals for the immediate future.

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Kingsley: ‘My evaluation of success is in a lot of small things done very well, day after day.’

Kingsley Ukaulor is a 400 level Gas Engineering student of the University of Port-Harcourt. Admirable, friendly, charitable are some of the words that describe this young dynamo.

Kinsoso, as he is popularly called, is Mr. Jovial. He has won numerous awards due to his resilience and hard-work. He is a conspicuous figure in the Nigerian Federation of Catholic Students, University of Port-Harcourt and was recently named Chief Announcer, the highest award in the federation’s editorial.

Kingsley is popular for his foundation, Help the Less Privilege Foundation, which he runs with some tens of other students as himself.

Here, he shares about his view of life, aspirations and many other things that make him tick.

Success is in the little things, Kingsley says.

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Ije-Ebi: Good evening. Welcome to Ije-Ebi.

Kingsley Ukaulor: Good Evening Dear!

Ije-Ebi: It’s a new year in a few days. How do you feel about that?

Kingsley Ukaulor: Well, I feel delighted and ready to step into the year.

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Favour Obiomah: “There’s an inexplicable joy that comes with being someone’s miracle.”

With 2015 wrapping up, there is no better time for the subject of life lessons. As we go about writing resolutions and year reviews for the future and past year, it calls for a sense of objectivity like never before.

It can be said that when you enter a room full of 400 level Chemical Engineering students at the University of Port-Harcourt, you are likely to see someone at the front row, either laughing or with a smile on her face recovering from laughter. That someone is Favour Obiomah.

Favour Obiomah: ‘My mum is my role model’


Intelligent, beautiful and financially intelligent, Ms. Favour Funmilayo Obiomah talks about her year, successes and aspirations.

Unassuming in style, she shares also about she has handled the great days and the not-so-great ones.
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