Why the Street is taking Over

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Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., once analogized on the difference between the old and young saying, “Older people sit down and ask ‘what is it?’ but the boy asks ‘what can I do with it?’”[1]. Therefore, characterized by inquisitiveness, a youth is one at the peak of his strength, on the verge of obtaining sufficient knowledge, in order to acquire a permanent identity of self and environment. Demographically, the National Youth Policy[2] defines the youth as ‘all males and females aged 18-35 years, who are citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’. This age range represents more than one-third of the Nigerian population (Ibrahim, 2013). The old, for the sake of this essay, can be described as one that has arrived, someone that has come into the permanence of his identity by virtue of age. Continue reading “Why the Street is taking Over”


It is as easy as it sounds

Something else that strongly affects execution is how you go about your plan and where your priorities are set. Sometimes, even when you are convinced that it is a great idea or project or that the solution is feasible, there is that tendency for us to focus on the unnecessary. I have learnt to divide my project planning steps into three distinct categories.


We all have had that one project in mind or that idea that we feel could change the world. Excitedly, we share it with family and friends and they are equally excited and say something like“You go, Egiemeh!!! Show them how it’s done”. Or, you have a seemingly big problem and you go seeking solutions and from the same group of people, you get the most logical solution to that problem but in your head, “It’s not as easy as it sounds”. Continue reading “It is as easy as it sounds”

Cold Cuts

cold-cutsI interned with a Multinational sometime in August last year. It was a typical 9 to 5 job and everyone looked forward to lunch breaks. Well, almost everyone. I could blame my apathy for lunch on the cut-throat prices of the few restaurants within the premises or the miles I had to trek to get to the nearest buka or having no-one to walk down with me or whatever. Continue reading “Cold Cuts”

Finding Certainty In Uncertain Times


“Wherever there is uncertainty, there is opportunity.” ─ Mark Cuban

It is common knowledge that society is experiencing a time of great uncertainty, with economic fluctuations resulting in worry for many a family. It is easy and perhaps forgivable to feel overwhelmed by it all. Workers seem to be working for the same hours and putting in the same effort but are getting paid wages whose values are steadily falling. Continue reading “Finding Certainty In Uncertain Times”

On Waiting and Everything Else


As I made my way home a few days ago, whilst walking on a busy road, I noticed a kid, surely not older than six, waiting patiently to cross over to the other side. For some reason, I stopped to watch, interested in seeing how he navigated the treacherous traffic, with drivers who cared little about pedestrians.
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Looking Back: Small Bumps


What happened? That is a question I wish I had a short answer to. Okay! I started out pretty naive and out of place, in my first year. I had a terrible reading culture, using the Secondary School mentality in approaching my studies and had no goals. I did not even know what it meant to have goals. At the end of that year, I failed three courses and had a cumulative CGPA of just over 1.00.

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