Floating hearts

I remember vividly our long walk back home, as I started to notice for the first time how well you treated me. I resolved right then to try my best to make it work. I told you I was willing to grow in love with you. I tried. You know I did. I guess sometimes we can deny it, fight it or choose to ignore it, but we cannot truly hide it.


I came back to the fountain. Yes, that one, the one we put on our bucket list. It is a cold, beautiful night and the clouds have formed a pattern of dark blue and silver, in the most perfect array. I wish you were here with me, to quietly watch for hours unending as the waters shoot up high in and fall back in a perfect twirl. I wish you could see the stars shining brightly, and trees swirling softly, as though engaged in an intimate dance with the evening breeze. Continue reading “Floating hearts”

Blank Space

blank-spaceYou were five when you first met him. You saw him clearly, as he stood just beside the billboard bearing the name of the Primary School. It was your first day there. For some reason, he smiled at you and waved, before running off gaily while calling out to a group of three boys, about ten feet away. It had felt familiar, perhaps a scene from a long-forgotten dream. You nodded and smiled, understanding at once what he wanted. Continue reading “Blank Space”

Letters to Abigail: On Wanting

It is a tricky thing talking about wants because, like we learnt in economics, human wants are insatiable. Sometimes, when I dwell on this, I believe Adam Smith never envisaged someone like me. I think my wants are satiable. They are full but not overwhelming and each one of them is a large concept that can be solved with a small one.


Dear Abby,

It has been almost a week I saw you. It has been a necessary hiatus. This week has become a needed time for me to think about the wealth of words you spoke and reflect on them in sincerity to myself, alone. I remember the thoughts and observations in the conversation—how you knitted them as bits and pieces of wisdom into unusually framed sentences and as you are, always cautious and honest, I appreciate them in retrospect. Continue reading “Letters to Abigail: On Wanting”

The Greatest Love of All


I always thought he was the one with flaws and I was flawless. I waited for every mistake like a predator and kept count of all wrongs. I was kind to many whom I felt deserved it but not to him. I felt he had to earn it before I showed kindness. It was quite easy to always lash out in anger because I felt he asked for it. Continue reading “The Greatest Love of All”

Love, The Person

I have learnt that love, loving ourselves more so, is in knowing that each of us can be better than we are, and the only way to know our pinnacle is to reach upwards for something more. Love is acceptance of self and refusal to compare with others. We are each unique, with talents and ideas which, if allowed to flower, could change the world. Love is also being noble in our thoughts, refusing to condemn another in absentia.


“A bell is no bell ‘til you ring it,

A song is no song till you sing it,

And love in your heart

Wasn’t put there to stay –

Love isn’t love

‘Til you give it away.

― Oscar Hammerstein, Sound of Music, “You are sixteen” reprise.

The month of February means many things to different people. For some, it is Black History Month, one in which homage is paid to the sacrifices of historical figures in the racial equality march in Uncle Sam’s country. To a great many others, it is symbolized as the month of love, perhaps because of the presence of St. Valentine’s day, mid-way through. What this day symbolizes is subject to diverse interpretations. Continue reading “Love, The Person”