On Character

Character means choosing to never live in the thick of thin things. It means being brave as well as objective, and always having the courage to try. Character is in treating people ‒ friends and strangers alike‒ as we would want to be treated, with respect and dignity.



When I think of fear, what at once makes its way into the confines of my thought is paralysis. Anytime I have felt truly afraid, what I was compelled to fight was usually the inability to act. And this was not always an easy fight; it is harder to make a decision than not make one, especially when faced with seemingly impossible choices. Choosing the right thing to do out of many competing options can prove difficult. And yet, it is then that our characters are strengthened. Continue reading “On Character”

Conversations: On Friendship

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The soft whirling sound coming from the standing fan just by the bed roused Owei from sleep. It took a few seconds to realize that power had been restored after a three-day break-in-transmission which had been survived thanks to a small generating set. Looking up at the wall clock with a dawning sense of realization, he saw that it was a few minutes past 10pm. He had promised Amara a call by 9pm and he was late, yet again. Continue reading “Conversations: On Friendship”

Miebi’s quotes on life and making a difference (I)

More times than we care to admit, we have been in situations which seemed complicated or worrisome, but which assumed a semblance of meaning, of reasonableness, while reading a book, an article on-line, or perhaps an advert on any of the popular media.

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On Something Beautiful

The dusty path to my accommodation was dry for the month of January, the uneven path beamed in its orange glory as though braided into cornrows by already piled tires. I was tired from school. Lectures had closed for about an hour before I started for home as I had reviews with my classmates—Abigail and Joseph. Thinking of it now, it does feel funny that they have biblical names and I don’t—one of the many things that spell our differences.

“Finding satisfaction deep within us is truly equal to treasure hunting”

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Like A Mother

Ijeebi makes understanding motherhood easier for me. I understand how a mother feels about her baby’s movements—how she celebrates the little things like a smile, a cry, a chuckle and a frown. Things that are ordinary but show and spell miracles. Ije-ebi is a month old and with more than 3000 hits and visiting, I am, now, a mother fascinated with simple things. Whether, adopted or biological, I cannot tell but I can say— this is my child and I am proud of her.
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