Garbage In Garbage Out


I was strolling down the streets of a certain unnamed city the other day, when amongst a row of restaurants, bars and entertainment spots, I stumbled upon a bookstore. This bookstore stood out when compared to the many bookstores I have seen in this unnamed country. And the same way I walk into every space that holds lots of books, I walked into this bookstore, wide-eyed with curiousity. My only companions were my curious mind and my friend, a twenty-something male of non-African descent. Continue reading “Garbage In Garbage Out”


Looking Back: Small Bumps


What happened? That is a question I wish I had a short answer to. Okay! I started out pretty naive and out of place, in my first year. I had a terrible reading culture, using the Secondary School mentality in approaching my studies and had no goals. I did not even know what it meant to have goals. At the end of that year, I failed three courses and had a cumulative CGPA of just over 1.00.

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Looking Back: My Story, Your Hope


My name is Omedo Augustine Oreva. I hail from Delta State in the Southern part of Nigeria. I happen to be the only son of a family of nine, including both parents. Growing up was not so easy for my siblings and I, but with the Grace of God and help from other secondary family members, I was able to complete not just primary education but secondary and tertiary education.
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