On Character

Character means choosing to never live in the thick of thin things. It means being brave as well as objective, and always having the courage to try. Character is in treating people ‒ friends and strangers alike‒ as we would want to be treated, with respect and dignity.



When I think of fear, what at once makes its way into the confines of my thought is paralysis. Anytime I have felt truly afraid, what I was compelled to fight was usually the inability to act. And this was not always an easy fight; it is harder to make a decision than not make one, especially when faced with seemingly impossible choices. Choosing the right thing to do out of many competing options can prove difficult. And yet, it is then that our characters are strengthened. Continue reading “On Character”

Finding Certainty In Uncertain Times


“Wherever there is uncertainty, there is opportunity.” ─ Mark Cuban

It is common knowledge that society is experiencing a time of great uncertainty, with economic fluctuations resulting in worry for many a family. It is easy and perhaps forgivable to feel overwhelmed by it all. Workers seem to be working for the same hours and putting in the same effort but are getting paid wages whose values are steadily falling. Continue reading “Finding Certainty In Uncertain Times”

Jewel Ike-Obioha: “Being alive inspires me.”

IMG-20151220-WA0001It is near impossible to ignore the presence of Jewel Ike-Obioha in any gathering. Tall and dark, with a smile never far away, Jewel exudes a calm assurance birthed in the full knowledge of her worth. Whether she finds herself debating alongside the best young minds in Africa, in Legon or Calabar, or chairing a Model United Nations (MUN) Summit in Abuja or Port Harcourt, Jewel confronts challenges head on, in the firm belief that positive change in our society is possible, if we all work together.

This student, child-rights advocate, model, accomplished debater, aspiring diplomat and all-round amazon shares her thoughts on life, country and the causes she cares about.

Read interview below. Continue reading “Jewel Ike-Obioha: “Being alive inspires me.””

Change and Sacrifice

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“Make the most of yourself… for that is all there is of you” – R.W. Emerson

Amongst the many words often used, “change” is perhaps one of the most abused. Whether used in the context of a system, a country or an individual, the interest in and the quest for change is one as old as humanity itself. There are even entire industries dedicated to the subject of change. But what is change, really? And are we really on the right path chasing it, or we have been on a wild goose chase?

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