On Reading


In recent times, a large number of articles and essays have tried to capture the essence and the joys of reading. You know, the experience of lounging on a chair, with legs outstretched on a wooden stool, with a book opened, totally absorbed in the world being painted by the brush-stroke of words. In truth, that got me thinking. What does reading mean to me? And just how much of a place does it have in my life? Continue reading “On Reading”


The Bus to Lagos


You get to the bus station, which is crowded and the dust from early harmattan is just about everywhere; from the white buses to boxes and bags, all are buried in dust.You ask when the bus to Lagos will be leaving. The attendant tells you it is in twenty minutes and also informs you that there are only two seats available. You quickly pay for your ticket and make for the bus. You thank your stars for having arrived just in time and skipping the waiting period. Continue reading “The Bus to Lagos”