freeToday feels different. Yes, I know, everyday feels different, if we are being particular. Today’s difference is of a distinctly variant hue, as though it is bred from seeds which have been planted in the preceding days and weeks, seeds whose fruits are only now starting to show. Today’s difference is bound in feelings and trappings of good and growth, and of life and love. But that is not all today is about. Continue reading “Aliento”


Freshman Year Chronicles #3: Theft

Freshman Year Chronicles #3: Theft

The compound, white, compact, sat by the side of the road with its opened gate. Steady threads of laughter welcomed you as you walked in, closing the gate behind you, blotting it, too. It shrieked and immediately, the voices became quiet whispers. Your neighbours, the ones by the side of your room, sat outside, smoking, laughing gently with red eyes.
“Hi,” she said. Kate, the last to have moved in, smiled at you as she gripped, tightly, the cigarette pack in her hand.
“Good evening,” you said as you slid through the tight passage full of green bottles.
“Sorry about that,” the owner of the room said. His hands, long and frail, gathered the bottles and laid them over against the wall. Once, he had offered you a cigarette and when you declined, he had said, “I wished I had declined too.” It would be how he said it, looking down at the pack in his hands, as though it had caused him more than you understood.
“It’s alright,” you said as you rummaged your bag even as you felt the nudge of hot liquid below your belly. On entering the room, you found the wardrobe open, boxes, too and clothes scattered by its side. The pressure of your urinary need would disappear at the sight of the envelope, torn. The manila paper sat, displaced from the sides of the box that contained it. Continue reading “Freshman Year Chronicles #3: Theft”

Herd Thinking

How many times do we make a purchase decision based on what friends – who are often not experts in that particular product or field – say or suggest? Even when we do our own research on the relative merits and demerits of competing goods or services, more often than not we settle for those which have been recommended by someone else.


René Descartes, the famous seventeenth-century philosopher, mathematician and scientist in Part I of his book, the Principles of Philosophy, declared: “Cogito ergo sum – I think, therefore I am”. We all think. Thinking is a part of our daily existence as human beings. We think of what food to eat in the morning and of what clothes to wear. We think of the shortest route to our destinations and of what excuses to give for our shortcomings. We think of the directions our lives are taking and the obvious or hidden meaning of people’s actions and words. We are a thinking kind, hence the term “homo sapiens” – the thinking man.

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Freshman Year Chronicles #2: Making Friends

Freshman Year Chronicles 2

And, again, she sat to say a prayer. Seated there, it seemed like a scene better suited for some other place—this light skinned teenager with firm legs beneath a bench, whose smile, a slice of unspoken caution served full, bowed upon lines of folded arms, a contrast to the stationery seller to her left, who stood above, bodies touching, screaming at a customer on the podium who had ignored him, the guy with faded T-shirt wooing a seatmate whose blouse had loosened at the seams, resting upon her shoulders in an awkward imbalance.
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