memoryThe mind of a child is a vat of colours, free, large and without boundaries

And the world their canvas infinitely strews like fleets of an endless landscape.

I remember riding on the back of the wind north and south, east and west, on a bearing,

Of echoes from the mountains, birds of the sky, grasshoppers, lizards and butterflies on the loose Continue reading “Memories”


Cold Cuts

cold-cutsI interned with a Multinational sometime in August last year. It was a typical 9 to 5 job and everyone looked forward to lunch breaks. Well, almost everyone. I could blame my apathy for lunch on the cut-throat prices of the few restaurants within the premises or the miles I had to trek to get to the nearest buka or having no-one to walk down with me or whatever. Continue reading “Cold Cuts”

Red, Blue and Black Stripes

“Do not write and say he died for nothing, Idara, anything but that. He died for something. He died for students’ rights. It hurts me but it matters.”- C. F. T

The morning air rose dust, smoke and the associated gases from charred tiresimage. Students, in their tens, walked about the usually busy junction, chanting rhymes in unionism, for a cause that seemed to matter to them. Cars approaching the junction were asked  to return


—unpopular inner roads were made alternatives; the placards, burning tires and strong voices symbolled a hunger even as eyes burned with the heat of vulcanized rubber.

“There can’t be exams, here,” a passerby with a placard muttered, his voice coarse, hard and tensioned from shouting and screaming, perhaps, “they will hear us, today, enough is enough.”

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Finding Certainty In Uncertain Times


“Wherever there is uncertainty, there is opportunity.” ─ Mark Cuban

It is common knowledge that society is experiencing a time of great uncertainty, with economic fluctuations resulting in worry for many a family. It is easy and perhaps forgivable to feel overwhelmed by it all. Workers seem to be working for the same hours and putting in the same effort but are getting paid wages whose values are steadily falling. Continue reading “Finding Certainty In Uncertain Times”