Jewel Ike-Obioha: “Being alive inspires me.”

IMG-20151220-WA0001It is near impossible to ignore the presence of Jewel Ike-Obioha in any gathering. Tall and dark, with a smile never far away, Jewel exudes a calm assurance birthed in the full knowledge of her worth. Whether she finds herself debating alongside the best young minds in Africa, in Legon or Calabar, or chairing a Model United Nations (MUN) Summit in Abuja or Port Harcourt, Jewel confronts challenges head on, in the firm belief that positive change in our society is possible, if we all work together.

This student, child-rights advocate, model, accomplished debater, aspiring diplomat and all-round amazon shares her thoughts on life, country and the causes she cares about.

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Random Musings

random wordsThe last one week has been a lot of things. I had sleepless nights for tests; I had classes that started from about 6.00 am and lasted till about 6.00 pm. It has been the kind of week that you’d need to recover from. I haven’t yet, just for the record. Continue reading “Random Musings”

On Waiting and Everything Else


As I made my way home a few days ago, whilst walking on a busy road, I noticed a kid, surely not older than six, waiting patiently to cross over to the other side. For some reason, I stopped to watch, interested in seeing how he navigated the treacherous traffic, with drivers who cared little about pedestrians.
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Looking Back: Small Bumps


What happened? That is a question I wish I had a short answer to. Okay! I started out pretty naive and out of place, in my first year. I had a terrible reading culture, using the Secondary School mentality in approaching my studies and had no goals. I did not even know what it meant to have goals. At the end of that year, I failed three courses and had a cumulative CGPA of just over 1.00.

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Looking Back: My Story, Your Hope


My name is Omedo Augustine Oreva. I hail from Delta State in the Southern part of Nigeria. I happen to be the only son of a family of nine, including both parents. Growing up was not so easy for my siblings and I, but with the Grace of God and help from other secondary family members, I was able to complete not just primary education but secondary and tertiary education.
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