A Letter to Clara


Dear Clara,

It is three years now since you left Nigeria. I cannot say I envy you. You’ve been away for so long, sometimes I forget we are friends, but the Christmas season always has a way of reminding me of you, of bringing back old memories, memories of our times together.

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Second Chances and The Gifts Within


2015 has carried with it an air of surreality which persists even as it rolls towards its conclusion and 2016 beckons ever more loudly. It has been a year of events and of experiences, of growth and of movement in directions previously not envisaged, but for which I am grateful for.

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Beginnings and Changes


At the start of this, I wondered if I had anything to share at all—any story that was worth telling. 2015 has been a year of many unique stories for me. Like every other year, it has a significant tag attributed to it. For me, it is ‘beginning and change’. Of course, it isn’t the year I marry or the year I become a mother or any one of those life’s grand transitions per se, but still, it birthed so many beginnings and changes for me. It is the year I chose to be more intentional with my life. It is the year I decided to be more forward with my dreams and aspirations by taking learning more serious—school inclusive. Most of all, it is the year I learnt a lot of life lessons that made it a genuine experience.

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Uzodufa Ebere: “Everything is possible”

If wealth were based solely on the possession of a good heart and interest in the good of the collective, Ebere Valentine Uzodufa would already be ranked amongst the wealthiest men in the world.

As one of the key persons driving a technological shift in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Port Harcourt, Ebere shares his motivations, dreams and goals for the immediate future.

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Idara’s “#Christmas Issue 2: Even now”

Even now

Christmas has an undertone now, a distilled sense of warmth that comes with becoming, eventually becoming. And this is not always a good thing because Nativity, an alternate for Christmas, should be approached with eyes of naivety, no undertone at all. Recently, I spent Christmas alone accompanied by thoughts, myself and the many things in between.

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